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Local African-American Cannabis Industry Blog, Blackabis Commemorates its

One-Year Anniversary



(Las Vegas, NV)  - Blackabis, the Las Vegas based cannabis blog for industry entrepreneurs celebrates its one-year anniversary this spring. Creator of blackabis, A’Esha Goins’ faith led her to discover the benefits of the cannabis plant to medicate herself and eventually assisted others in finding much-needed relief. Described as “an honest and raw blog written by honest and raw writers,” blackabis focuses on the empowerment of African-American entrepreneurs and patients within Las Vegas’ growing cannabis industry. Given that African-Americans are disproportionately (3.73 times as likely) arrested for marijuana possession over whites, Goins’ sees Las Vegas’ recent legislation as a way to include the black community in the new ‘green rush’ and provide a range economic benefits that have not yet been available to African-Americans in Las Vegas.

Over the past year, blackabis has covered a range of cannabis industry news, medical breakthroughs, advocacy, product reviews and personal testimonials from the local Las Vegas community. Also featured on the site, is a product line with an assortment of blackabis clothing and other items including, t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, bibs, ornaments and even an aluminum license plate. Readers can follow blackabis’ on social media, which is consistently updated with community-oriented cannabis information and cool products. Throughout the upcoming year, Goins’ is looking to reach even more people within the Las Vegas community, to share knowledge regarding marijuana’s medicinal properties and business opportunities for the city’s African-American residents.


About blackabis:

Blackabis was developed by an African-American woman involved in the cannabis industry in Nevada. All posts are with the African-American medical marijuana patient and entrepreneurs in mind.

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