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Local African-American Cannabis Industry Blog, Blackabis Commemorates its

One-Year Anniversary



(Las Vegas, NV)  - Blackabis, the Las Vegas based cannabis blog for industry entrepreneurs celebrates its one-year anniversary this spring. Creator of blackabis, A’Esha Goins’ faith led her to discover the benefits of the cannabis plant to medicate herself and eventually assisted others in finding much-needed relief. Described as “an honest and raw blog written by honest and raw writers,” blackabis focuses on the empowerment of African-American entrepreneurs and patients within Las Vegas’ growing cannabis industry. Given that African-Americans are disproportionately (3.73 times as likely) arrested for marijuana possession over whites, Goins’ sees Las Vegas’ recent legislation as a way to include the black community in the new ‘green rush’ and provide a range economic benefits that have not yet been available to African-Americans in Las Vegas.

Over the past year, blackabis has covered a range of cannabis industry news, medical breakthroughs, advocacy, product reviews and personal testimonials from the local Las Vegas community. Also featured on the site, is a product line with an assortment of blackabis clothing and other items including, t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, bibs, ornaments and even an aluminum license plate. Readers can follow blackabis’ on social media, which is consistently updated with community-oriented cannabis information and cool products. Throughout the upcoming year, Goins’ is looking to reach even more people within the Las Vegas community, to share knowledge regarding marijuana’s medicinal properties and business opportunities for the city’s African-American residents.


About blackabis:

Blackabis was developed by an African-American woman involved in the cannabis industry in Nevada. All posts are with the African-American medical marijuana patient and entrepreneurs in mind.

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The Menstrual Cycle and Weed

Marijuana is becoming one of the new “go to” holistic medication for cancer, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, stress, depression, epilepsy, crohn’s, parkinson’s,  PTSD , lupus, arthritis and other ailments. Now it seems women are using it for Cramps as a result of thier menstrual cycle.

Recently I began vaping with a CBD (Cannabidiol is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract ) additive for my cramps. The first few times I vaped I was certain I was high. I wasn’t, but I was sure I was. What I determined is I was calm. I was happy and I was thinking clearly.

My issue is, I struggle with emotional distress as a result of PMS and I get cramps as a result of my cycle. I’ve been  using a CBD oral spray from CBD for life for my emotions. Of all the things I have tried over the years the CBD for Life oral spray has worked best. I’ve stopped having irrational thoughts during that time of the month.

CBD does not get you high so it may be a poor choice for recreational users but if you are looking for something that will work,  with less risk, I suggest CBD. My favorite products are from CBD Drip and CBD for life.

The question still remains, can marijuana help you during your cycle?

Personally, it’s helped me.

  Dr Spiros Theocharous wrote:  Marijuana use could also indirectly cause ovarian related issues due to the fact that, as mentioned above, it can cause one’s appetite for high calorie foods to increase. This then results in weight gain and possibly even obesity which has been linked to the condition polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is as a result of obesity leading to glucose intolerance or diabetes and this condition then affects ovulation negatively.

The fact that marijuana can affect ovulation in a woman then means that menstruation is also affected. The result here is that one’s menstruation can end up becoming irregular. Menstruation may even stop and it would be advisable to make sure that one consults with their primary care physician to rule out any other issues, as well as excluding a pregnancy, to be sure that the reason behind the altered menstrual cycle is due to the use of marijuana.

In the same study that found that marijuana can affect ovulation and menstruation, it was noted that chronic use of this drug didn’t have the same effect on the menstrual cycle as did casual use of marijuana. The reason behind this may be that the bodies of chronic users of marijuana have built up a tolerance to the drug, and it therefore doesn’t affect the reproductive hormones in the same way as it did initially.

The process doesn’t seem to be a permanent problem and it can be reversed. It would therefore be highly advisable to stop using marijuana if there are any irregularities with your menstruation or you are struggling to become pregnant.

( Read full entry at Can Marijuana Affect Your Menstrual Cycle?)

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THC-CBD Infused Bath Bomb “REVIEW”

Congratulations to Evergreen Organix in Las Vegas Nevada for being the first production company in Nevada to release a THC-CBD infused Bath and Body line. Their Infused Bath Bomb gave me LIFE!!

To be honest, I thought the idea of having THC in a bath bomb was ridiculous and a waste of marijuana. I mean really, who would us a THC infused Bath Bomb? Do they REALLY have to put weed in EVERYTHING?

HELL YES THEY DO!! Especially if it will make me feel the way Evergreen Organix Lavender Bath Bomb did.

I recently had a death in my family. The stress and pressure of life was taking a toll on my  body. I wasn’t sleeping and my body was stiff. It was 5 am on a Tuesday morning and I was wide awake. I don’t like baths but the Lavender bath bomb was calling my name. I said, “What the hell” and ran myself a bath. I cut the Bomb in 4ths and dropped a quarter of the Bath Bomb into my tub. As the Bomb exploded in my bathtub my bathroom immediately began to smell like lavender. Although the smell was enticing, I was still a skeptic.

I unclothed and got into the tub, immediately my body began to relax. I could feel the tension in my legs and torso relax. I splashed the water on my shoulders and neck, the tension subsided there also. It’s hard to believe a Bath Bomb could make me feel relief so quickly. I was in no hurry to end this experience. The coconut oil in the bath bomb made my skin feel silky smooth. ( note: probably should take a shower BEFORE you use the bath bomb) I was truly enjoying the soak.

I got out of the tub feeling relaxed and revived. I sat on my bed, reached for my computer….woke up to my alarm at 9am. I am looking forward to trying their Lavender Massage oil and Avocado Lemon Grass Body Cream.

This is a MUST for anyone with achy body, stress, anxiety  and or sleep issues.

This product is available at Nevada Wellness Center in Las Vegas, NV 

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Battling Sanity, I Turn to Marijuana

With all that has happened in the nation in the last 30 days it’s a wonder ANY of us are sane. I waited to chime in thinking it wasn’t my place. Then waited longer deciding on my tone and my voice. I decided neither mattered and I should do as I always do… DO ME! My community will either like it or hate it. Either way I plan to stay true to me and somehow tie it all into marijuana.

So, here it is.

Exactly 1 month and 1 day ago at 6 am I woke up to a hashtag #AltonSterling on Social Media. Not knowing who nor what was going on, I immediately googled the name “Alton Sterling” The first thing on the search was a live CNN address from Alton’s children’s m mother, Quinyetta McMillon, and a young boy crying hysterically about how he wanted his daddy. I could tell  by the beautifully written address by Ms. McMillon, brother Sterling had been shot by police. Wanting to understand the details before I made a judgment, I researched further. The next video  I found I watched but I wasn’t ready. I didn’t know what to expect but I know I wasn’t ready for what I saw. For me, the why doesn’t matter anymore. I know what I saw. I know how I felt when I saw it.

I don’t care why.

Yet, while the nation is talking about my brother Alton Sterling and debating the why and the who’s, my community loses another brother by police in Falcon Heights , MN. Philando Castile

24 hours 2 police shot 2 brothers.

The sadness of losing my  community brothers and knowing Donald Trump was the Republican elect was enough to send me into a depression. As clinically depressed person  I could feel my body battling the darkness and my subconscious saying STAY ALERT! I was drifting and I was afraid.  I know I don’t have time to be depressed but I also know sometimes I wait till it’s too late. I have a Blog, Dispensary and a 13-year-old that I need to be awake for. I wasn’t going back to meds. I was weak and I needed holistic remedies.

Green shake, all natural body care products and my 2 NEW “go to” cannabis products. A flower Sativa from House of Herbs called XJ13. XJ13 is a paranoia free strain that quickly relieves my stress and gives me a quick mood adjustment. The other product is a wax. For wax  I use vaping as my dosing method. My wax is also a Sativa called Space Dream. It’s from Silver Sage ( both available at Nevada Wellness Center). What I love most is, I am in control of my treatment. I CHOOSE!!

Although I avoided a depression this time I have not forgotten. I am not mad I just know I will never be able unsee what I saw and un feel what I felt. I didn’t smoke to avoid what is going on, I smoked to ensure I didn’t get lost in what is going on.  I am a better me when I am medicated. gratefully it’s all natural and I choose my treatment.

~ A’Esha Goins

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